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Your Contribution

A special form has been developed to assist with the collection of information. This form will enable you to trace each book via the INTERNET from anywhere in the world and let you see, where your earth samples are positioned within the altar by a randomizing procedure, who the donors of the neighbouring earth-books are and which are their stories. You may have the personal experience of being embedded in a global community.

Your Contribution

If you want to participate fill the form and mark your earth sample (~300 ml) in a plastic bag with your given name and address and send it to

   Marianne Greve,
   c/o Markusgemeinde Schneverdingen,
   Ernst Dax Str. 8,
   D -29640 Schneverdingen,

After arrival your earth sample will be put into an earth-book if your form has been filled. Your earth book will be registered and find its place in the altar as long as space is available.

You may find it in the Internet searching for Earth Book Retrieval by Place, Name, Position within the "One-Earth-Altar" or by any word in your commentary.

The Earth Book Retrieval is currently only available in german. As soon as translation progresses it will also be available in english.