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Today, in a time where greenhouses are run with rockwool and nutrient solutions and where Food is produced on an industrial basis and always available, awareness of the dependence on the earth is not a matter of course anymore. Earth, air and water, the basis of all life on this earth, are continuously threatened by pesticides, traffic, industrial waste and other human activities (war!). The conservation of healthy soil becomes a goal of political actions today. Soil, earth is the basis of all life.

The protection of the existing earth is the only chance to save the basis of our life. So let's not trample the ground with our feet, for it is more than a solid foundation and more than a exploitable area and more than a dark hiding-place for our waste.

The daily experience of the earth is different:

Roads lead to places on the earth.
Every play at its soil on which we stand, from which we live.
All roads lead from soil to soil, like the life of the people.

At the sime time, the knowledge about the uniqueness and finiteness of the earth has grown in some of us, in particular since astronauts saw the earth from space and communicated their impression in words and images.

Ulf Merbold (German Astronaut): "I suddenly realized that the borderlines drawn in on maps are only products of the brains of humans."

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