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In the grave of the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II. restorers found a small golden globe which among other things contained earth from the holy land.

A spiritually similar ... can be found in other cultures, e.g. in altars made from earth by Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists, Chinese and Indians.

Contemporary examples represent the continuing respect for the earth: The Pope of the Roman-katholic church kisses the ground of the countries he visits and environmental activist Julia Hill buried herface in the earth when she returned to the ground after living for 738 days on a 1000 years old redwood tree in the northern Californian Humboldt National Park.

In analogy to the diversity of the earth and the people living on it it is important to me to include the earth itself into the altar as a symbol for tolerance and charity:

As a christian and concept artist, starting from the second commandment "You shall not make for yourself an idol..." I put the soil into the center as today's most precious good.

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